TOP 8 Foods Which Are Healthy For Brain


Today we're going to talk about 8 foods that are amazing for brain health.
Everyone wants a more healthy brain that works very well, and we're going to teach you how to do that.

So today we explained about 8 foods which are very healthy for the brain. If you eat those foods then your brain will always be healthy and sharp.
Without wasting more time, let's get started.

TOP 8 Foods Which Are Healthy For Brain

Dark Chocolate

The first one is one of my favourites, and many people love it. 
It's dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can contain antioxidants.
That may slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease.
Make sure dark chocolate means more than 70% cocoa.

Get the good ones that taste good but have less sugar and less fat. When you eat chocolate, do it slowly. 

Please don't take it too fast. That way, the body has time to process the stimulants.

Bone Broth

The next one would be bone broth. Is this one of your favourites? Well, bone broth is soothing and warm. 
It's cuddling because the nutrient is already dissolved. 
It can go through the abdomen. 
Go into the hepatic circulation and then circulate to the brain much more natural than regular food. 

Bone Broth is not healthy for adrenal fatigue sufferers because they have much fat in their body. 

The body is already in the slowdown mode, and it is not able to tolerate much fat. 

So, in that case, we have to make adjustments. 

In NeuroEndoMetabolic therapy, we do use a bone broth—a fair amount, but we titrate it. 
So that the body doesn't get an overload of fat in the system, and quickly get the nutrients that can cross the blood' brain barrier into the brain. 

And deliver the nutrients to the cleansing action to reduce oxidative stress at the brain level. 

Bone broth, also very delicious. 

Garbanzo Beans

Now number three is Garbanzo Beans. Garbanzo beans are very high in mag-citrate. 
Mag-citrate is necessary for the cell receptors and neurotransmitters to pass messages from the nerves to the brain. 

And it is needed for signalling throughout your body. 

So garbanzo beans essential for our healthy brain.


The fourth one would be Celery. 
Celery is full of a compound called luteolin, which is very helpful if anyone gets memory loss.

Also, it is full of fibre and helps you go, so it is excellent. 

If you do vegetable juice in the morning, then toss few sticks of Celery. It's just very refreshing.


The fifth one is nuts. Well, the key nuts to have for brain health is walnut. 
It doesn't have many impurities as well as compounds that are toxic to the brain. 
You want to avoid peanut, try not to take too much cashew. 

In the case of adrenal fatigue, try to stay away from Brazil nuts, which is high in selenium. 

Which is quite good because most adrenal fatigue sufferers have a unique thyroid or problem balancing. 

You don't want to overexcite the thyroid. So, try to stay away from that type of nuts.

Coconut Oil

The sixth one is coconut oil. It's all the trend right now, but for a good reason, because it is anti-inflammatory. 

Many people say that Alzheimer's is a disease of inflammation. So any type of anti-inflammation that you can get would be suitable.

Spice Turmeric

Going to our seventh one which is curry, but more specifically the spice turmeric. 

Yes, turmeric has been around for centuries. 

It is used with great potential as well as a beneficial effect to reduce inflammation in the body. 

It's been well-known and is a wonderful taste in cooking too as well if you do it right.


The final and eighth one is called beetroot. Beetroot is red, and it has tons of good antioxidants in it. 

It also helps with inflammation. It's just a great vegetable/ fruit that you can put either in your smoothies. 

You can eat it uncooked also you can cook it. All of that would be great. 

Here are our 8 foods that are healthy for brain health. I hope you enjoy them.

Final Words

I hope you guys all loved this article, here I shared about foods that are healthy for brain. Please do share with your friends and relatives.

Thank You.

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