NEWS HEADLINES INDIA - 23 September 2019



NEWS HEADLINES - 23 September 2019
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Headlines enroute to ung accession prime minister Murray says us visit aimed at presenting India as a vibrant land of opportunities reliable partner and a global leader prime minister to meet a u.s. energy giants in Houston.

Today address a howdy more the event with US President Donald Trump on Sunday centas announcement before prime ministers departure to the US in our eyes with Indian passports to get Aadhaar card without 180 day wait be read boost for hospitality industry.

GST rate cut on hotel room bookings outdoor catering services says on specified diesel and petrol vehicles reduced GST on marine fuel slashed importer for specified defense goods exempted.

Election Commission likely to announce the dates for Maharashtra and Haryana assembly polls today term of Haryana assembly ending on 2nd of November Maharashtra assembly completes a term on 9th of November and Home Ministry announces our Sardar Patel national unity award on lines of Padma Awards, awards are to be handed out to individuals or institutions for contributions to countries unity and integrity.
A top story at the beginning of today Prime Minister Narendra Modi is headed to the United States on a multi day visit to go to the United Nations General Assembly meet and a few different occasions in an announcement before his flight on Friday night.

Prime Minister Modi said that the whistle tour will impart new energy to the Indo us relations he reiterated India's commitment to reform multilateralism which is a responsive effective and inclusive,  he expressed confidence that the wizard present India as a vibrant land of opportunities a reliable partner and a global leader.

He said that the shared value is convergent interests and the complementary strengths provide the foundation for a natural partnership between the world's oldest and largest democracies.

Prime Minister Modi also thanked the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for conferring upon him 
global goalkeepers the award 2019 in a tweet , he also said that over the last five years India has taken the many efforts to improve cleanliness and sanitation fulfilling a Gandhiji's dream of a swatch of bharath.

On Sunday Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be joined on stage by US president Donald Trump on American soil an unprecedented event at which both will address the intern community besides having a bilateral meeting the event will also be attended by Democrat leaders we are delighted that President Trump of the United States as well as the senior Democratic United States leadership of the will also be at this event .


NEWS HEADLINES - 23 September 2019
Image Source : Pexels
The bipartisan support that indo-us relations enjoys in the political leadership of the United States in Houston.

The Prime Minister is expected to make major announcements that could include a roadmap to increase bilateral trade the objective of this is to get feedback from industry about their business plans in India and to demonstrate government's business friendly approach in attracting investment into India Prime.

Minister Narendra Modi is reaching houston on 21st of september where he will have a roundtable meeting with American energy giants like BP Exxon Mobil and Baker Hughes on 25th September,   
he will also meet heads of 40 US companies like JP Morgan Lockheed Martin,  American tower cooperation Bank of America,  MasterCard,  Walmart among others are the Bloomberg Global Business Forum energy of course is a major new component in the Indo US trade mix .
We import approximately four billion dollars worth of oil and gas from the United States and this interaction that Prime Minister will have with the energy majors in the,
the Prime Minister will address the United Nations General Assembly on 27th of September,  where he will article his version of world peace and development while terrorism will be part of his address.
The Prime Minister will not touch upon the abrogation of article 370 that is an internal issue of India Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is also slated to address the UN GA to which Indian officials are expected to reply the view that it is important to play the role that is expected of India in shaping the global agenda on many of these issues .

Both political and social-economic and in this context the Prime Minister will again reiterate a position that India has been saying for some time and that is multilateralism is at the center of global politics it should remain so the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are expected to felicitate the prime minister with the global goalkeepers Col award.

Prime minister will also address the climate change and sustainable development goals summit called by UN general secretary and will take part in a meet of select countries organized by the king of Jordan,  he will also inaugurate a solar panel on the rooftop of UN headquarters to showcase India's commitment to use of solar energy to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi's a 150th birth anniversary.

Prime minister Anand body will showcase India achievements in various fields and how India can contribute to development and peace in the world he will also spin out how India can be a major destination of business in the world and he will leave sundry issues to officials under right to reply aquiles woman for reservoir television with camera person kabul youth in delhi and in a major announcement ahead of prime minister narendra modi's departure for his a week-long u.s. visit a non-resident .

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