Breakfast Which Is Harmful For Health


Breakfast Which Is Harmful For Health: We hear that it's the most essential meal while other people would have you fast until the mid-afternoon. 
So, I would love to know -
  1. Do you love eating breakfast? 
  2. Do you always skip breakfast? 

Whether or not we should even eat breakfast in the first place. Today we are going to talk about breakfast which is harmful for your health.

In this article, I talked about the worst foods that people should avoid in breakfast and go for some healthy breakfast.
So let us get started.

Breakfast Which Is Harmful To Health


Food number One is the sausage. So I do have some healthier animal product alternatives.
I want to talk about, but when it comes to sausage, this may be one of the absolute worst.
So sausage is the kind of mixed grab bag of all of the animal products or meat products, that couldn't be packaged and sold on their own.

So they get ground up and put into sausage. These highly processed meat products have been associated with cancer and all types of other nutritional problems.
So one of the best things you can do is switch out your highly processed animal products for a more natural animal product.

You can go for some 100% grass-fed beef here is a steak right here,

So if you were to eat something that's just a 100% meat, it doesn't have any additives,  it doesn't have any other stuff or mystery stuff.

It is going to be a much healthier option for you.
Go for butcher box, and this is awesome because they send you a massive variety of these wonderful high-quality animal products straight to your door.

So that's simple right, makes it a lot easier for those of us who maybe don't have grass-fed beef in our local grocery store and for all of my vegetarians.
I just want to send you a lot of love, and I know that working towards plant-based diets would be wonderful for everyone to do.
But realistically speaking I can't assume that everyone's going to be plant-based.

Why switching from sausage to natural meet?
Because it is so beneficial
Less of that processed junk
Because these animal products are grass-fed, they're going to contain a lot more nutrients.
And when we talk about a lot of the environmental problems with meat consumption, it's those factory farming practices that are creating a lot of those health and environmental problems.

So when you're opting for non-factory farmed meats things, that say pasture-raised or grass-fed or organic. You know that it's coming from a farm that is valuing the environment and they are creating a healthier product for you and the earth.


Food number two is breakfast cereal. Here we have some of those offences from the first two foods which is empty carbohydrates and a lot of added sugar.
A lot of people are eating their cereal with low-fat or nonfat milk which is the problem. 
So there are a lot of cereals out on the market.

Now you will say things like whole grains, whole grain oats or something else, Is this a step in the right direction?

However, I would encourage you to still kind of look at that ingredient list.
If you're reaching for something that looks like a typical cereal because a lot of times it will even say enriched flour.
Then it's got a little bit of whole wheat in it somewhere just so they can put on the label,  that it has whole grains.

But you want it to either be 100% whole wheat or to be maybe even something that doesn't contain wheat at all.

So what I have here is my granola.
Granola is at least going to be a step in the right direction. Because it's minimally processed.
It hasn't been through a big factory machine that flattens it out and turns it into little cereal pieces.
And then this particular one also has chia seeds, flax seeds, cinnamon which I talked about earlier and organic whole oats so switching out granola to replace your cereal is an excellent idea.

Final Words

I hope you all guys enjoyed this article, here I tried to explain about worst foods you should not eat.

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