3 Worst Breakfast Foods You Should Not Eat

3 Worst Breakfast Foods You Should Not Eat: Hello friends, a warm welcome to my page. 
Today I am here to share with you the 3 Worst Breakfast Foods You Should Not Eat. And I will explain to you why we should not eat those types of foods.

3 Worst Breakfast Foods You Should Not Eat

Breakfast is that thing where we break our fast, and if we think about breaking our fast with food, that's going to give us energy and help to revive us. After a night of sleep, one of the main things that we want to avoid is empty carbohydrates, so we're going to see this a couple of times.

And today, we are here to discuss about 3 worst foods you should avoid in breakfast.
So without wasting any more time, let's get started.


On this list, the first worst food I want to talk about is pancakes.
I love pancakes just as much of the next person, but our typical pancakes are going to be number one, which was just an empty carbohydrate of white flour.
Then on top of the pancakes, we douse a whole bunch of syrup.

And most of the syrup that's out there is high fructose corn syrup with a little bit of caramel color and maybe a little bit of maple flavoring.

Here I will suggest a couple of simple ways to make your pancakes healthier.

The first one is a cauliflower-based baking mix; this is an excellent example of a complete non-flour alternative.
But if you're using something like whole-grain flour or maybe one of these healthy non-wheat flour alternatives, that are already going to add a lot more nutrient density to your pancakes.

I also want to let you know that maple syrup is not all bad, but you want to make sure that you have pure 100% maple syrup.

And when you're eating the maple syrup in its minimally processed form, it gives you a lot of minerals.
It gives you a lot of B vitamins, so it's contributing some nutrients as well as some beautiful sweetness.


And now, food number two is Donuts. It also takes a lot of those same properties from the pancakes in number one.

So now we've taken the empty refined carbohydrates a vast amount of sugar.
We've added on the deep-frying, so far we have all of these unhealthy fats that are created from deep frying.

Avoiding donuts is going to be an excellent idea because of the unhealthy fats that are presented in donuts.

Now we look into healthy alternatives of donuts.
If you add Natural sweeteners like maple syrup or honey in Donuts, then it will become the best alternative.
We could also use whole grain flour or one of these non-wheat flour alternatives, and then another thing that I like to add is a carrot.

If you are a warm breakfast person, then you can lightly steam your carrots. Then add some maple syrup and butter.

I have my pasture-raised whole milk butter and a little bit of cinnamon. You can also try this.
Cinnamon is a pleasant flavor to add, and also it is great for regulating our blood sugar.
So again, when we're talking about breaking our fast in the morning, having some cinnamon on your breakfast is an excellent idea.


Food number three is non-fat yogurt, or we can say non-fat dairy products.
I talked a lot about the problems with removing fats from foods that naturally contain fats.
But in the case of dairy products, it's actually the fat in all of the enzymes that help us to digest the protein in the milk.

So when we're eating nonfat dairy or non-fat yogurt then
you're actually not even going to be able to digest the menu.
If you're going to eat dairy products, they are not as processed, and that fat is going to go a long way to help you last until lunchtime.

Who are not eating dairy products they can easily notice that they have more clear skin because removing dairy from their diet can help them to reduce allergies.

The best alternative of dairy products is almond milk yogurt.
So this is an excellent example because when you're eating something based on almonds, they're also going to provide a vast amount of nutrients.

Switching out your non-fat Greek yogurt for a full-fat almond milk yogurt can be an excellent choice in the morning.

Another thing to remember about store-bought yogurts is that they're typically going to contain a massive amount of sugar.
And it's highly processed sugar or maybe even high fructose corn syrup.

So you're going to be much healthier if you buy the unsweetened yogurt and then add the sweeteners yourself. You can add honey or pure maple syrup. Also, you can add fruits to give a delightful flavor.

But the amount of hidden sugar in conventional yogurt is probably a topic for its own whole post, but it's definitely something that you need to look out for.

Final Words 

I hope you all guys enjoyed this article, here I tried to explain about 3 worst foods you should not eat.
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